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“You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision. While it remains a burden assiduously avoided, it is not unexpected, and thus not beyond a measure of control.”

-The Architect, The Matrix

I recently re-watched “The Matrix” and was fascinated that I missed a clear use of a literary tool known as Chekhov’s Gun. That is that when a gun is on the wall in Act One, it will undoubtedly be used later in the play because why else would a gun be on the wall?

The proverbial gun in The Matrix is the EMP, charged and ready when we are first introduced to The Sentinels, killing machines sent to search and destroy. I won’t give away the ending, but the EMP, of course, is used.

What an interesting weapon. Rendering electronic circuitry immediately useless, like a chunk of metal in a scrap heap never to rise again.

There are lots of potential applications for such a weapon both in reality and in fiction. I’m shocked that a weapon like it is not used in the Terminator series. Or maybe it’s because most military technology has been protected against EMP for decades since it is a natural side effect of nuclear weapons and the machines would have thought of that.

I guess the machines in The Matrix weren’t too bright. Or at least their writers weren’t.

In any case, it brought me to the path of thinking about EMP weapons in reality. They’re quite real and quite scary. Here’s a picture of one being detonated next to a US military command and control plane to test its effect against hardening for such weapons:


But this picture got me thinking: what would an EMP detonating next to a civilian plane look like? After all, they are not protected like a military plane.

Well, let’s see. The exact malfunctions are completely unpredictable as EMP involves electromagnetic waves interacting with wiring to create electrical current. Remember in physics class when you were sticking your thumb, index, and middle finger out in perpendicular directions? Yeah, that’s what is going on here except that there are millions of tiny wires that stretch hundreds of miles inside of an aluminum can flying through the air at who knows what pitch and angle.

Suffice it to say that almost every system on the plane would malfunction weirdly save for a very select few. But the plane itself would probably be intact. In fact, only delicate, digital electronics are damaged by EMP so major flight control systems like engines, hydraulics, and fuel systems would most likely remain active. It would only be the computers, communication systems, and navigation systems that would go dark.

Is this beginning to sound familiar yet?

Let’s keep going.

What would the pilots do? Their plane just went completely dead. It’s pitch black and everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs. Even the emergency lights aren’t working. The pilots have no idea what their speed, altitude, or heading is except maybe for an old-school compass in front of them. But they can’t even see that because their eyes have not adjusted to the darkness yet.

GPS and inertial navigation are gone. The crew’s first job would be to attempt to gain some sense of control of the aircraft, leveling it out. Without any altimeter or air speed gauge on a dark night, this is literally impossible. Pilots will be the first to tell you that your senses lie to you. Air France’s crash and its terrifying flight recorder’s transcript prove this reality. Most likely, the pilots would enter a climb, thinking that the ground is their enemy. They might climb too much, nearing the height limit of the aircraft, before it naturally beings to stall.

If they happen to have a backup compass that works, they might remember the bearing to the nearest airport and dive towards it. They would have no idea how long and how far they would have to fly to get there. Remember, they have no airspeed gauge and their digital watches went dead. They are also probably running out of oxygen at this point and trying to guess their altitude after slow decompression due to loss of cabin air pumps. Eventually, their patience and the endless screaming of passengers in the dark would wear their patience thin, making them wonder if they missed their intended landing spot.

What would they do? Look for other planes! Certainly they would be able to guide them to safety! They see the transit routes and get as close as comfort, but they don’t want a collision because their navigational lights are no longer functioning. The other planes cannot see them. They would desperately hope while transiting in these zones that other planes would spot the dark hole in the sky while they pleadingly wagged their tail.

What happens after sunrise is anyone’s guess but mine is that they still thought they were in the gulf of Thailand and they figured if they flew due South they would find land again. They were wrong. But they had made so many mistakes that they made one final decision and said, “We’re sticking to this one.”

They flew until their fuel ran out and then made one last, grave mistake. They landed that plane. Like on the Hudson. The plane then sank in one piece, a sarcophagus for all of the debris which normally would have been spotted. The electronic locks on the doors were disabled by the original EMP. The plane sank as it slowly filled with water.

We never heard the black boxes because they are still inside the plane and/or they were disabled by the EMP.

Many times, as we all know, reality is much stranger than fiction. I’m a natural problem solver. It’s what I’m best at. I’ve been trying to solve this one for months. I’m a very good detective and most detectives solve a crime weeks or months before they can prove it. It’s called a hunch. I’ve never had a single clue what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 until now. I can’t prove it yet, but I have a hunch.

It was an EMP.

Naturally, the next question is then who set it off and why.

But I still think that is the wrong question. I think we should be asking:

What if no one did?

Because EMP happens in nature……and I think this is just a freak accident that is a mathematical eventuality, like Neo in The Matrix.


George Patterson Sibble

Author’s Note:

A conspiracy theory requires a conspiracy. Nature cannot conspire. Thus, this is not a conspiracy theory. It is a working hypothesis which deserves further research.


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